Emergency power systems with petrol engine - complete packages

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    With an emergency power system from ELMAG® you are always on the safe side. It starts automatically in the event of a power failure, takes over the power supply of the connected loads and stops when the power returns. The AT 206 automatic start-stop module ensures that the emergency power system is always ready for operation thanks to the integrated self-test function and the trickle charge module for the starter battery.

    Automatic emergency power systems comply with modern safety guidelines and protect the users and the operator of technical systems from the consequences of a power failure. Emergency power systems are therefore recommended for fail-safe lighting and lift systems in publicly accessible buildings and meeting places. These include railway stations and airports, restaurants and motorway services, town and city halls,
    high-rise buildings and hotels, kindergartens, hospitals and schools, cinemas, museums and theatres, swimming pools and stadiums, underground stations, etc.

    Another very important use of emergency power systems is to ensure that electrical life-support systems and systems that maintain crucial functions are secure. These include computer and server systems, radio and telecommunications equipment, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, elevators and lifts, water and circulation pumps, ventilation, feeding and milking equipment, manufacturing and filtering systems, building lighting,
    signalling and security systems, respiratory and emergency systems, etc.

    These systems are also becoming increasingly popular in the private sector. What home can get by without electricity today? A reliable emergency power supply is essential in heating, water supply and cooling units, including in the private sector.
Emergency power systems with petrol engine - complete packages
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Emergency power systems with petrol engine - complete packages

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Emergency power systems with petrol engine - complete packages
voltage frequency
maximum power 3~400V
continuous power 3~400V
power 3~400V continuous
maximum power 1~230V
continuous power 1 ~ 230V
Power 1 ~ 230V continuous
engine type
engine power
tank capacity
consumption at 75% load
Running time per tank filling at 75% load
dimensions lxbxh
weight (without fuel)
sound power complies with RL 2000/14/EG, 2005/88/EG
sound pressure level in 7m
AT 206 switch power
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