Grinding machine TIG electrodes


    - TURBO-SHARP X grinding unit
    - Standard grinding head for 1.6/2.0/2.4/3.2 mm
    Tungsten electrodes
    - Multifunctional cover with guide element
    - Diamond grinding wheel coated on both sides,
    can be used in six ways
    - Mounting bracket for stationary use
    - Suction nozzle for suction unit
    - SPANNFIX clamp size I
    - Assembly tools
    - TURBO-SHARP X system case
  • Product description

    Precise diamond cut for TIG electrodes:
    the precision of the electrode grinding has a significant impact on the
    arc stability and penetration depth. The TURBO-SHARP X grinding
    machine enables rapid production of precise electrode tips
    and improves the welding quality.
Grinding machine TIG electrodes
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Grinding machine TIG electrodes

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