Synstar multi-function welding device


    The new SYNSTAR 330 TC and TS are three-phase multi-process power sources with inverter technology for MIG, TIG and MMA welding including 4-roll wire feeder from Cebora (Ø 30mm). The SYNSTAR models offer functions including dual value circuit (MIG Short process) and pulse and double pulse operation, as well as more than 70
    welding programs for wire diameters 0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2mm. Synergetic programs for pulse welding of stainless steel are also provided, which are optimized for thin metal sheets. The TC model is available as a compact unit and the TS version as a 2-part unit.
  • Two different types of hose package can be used with this power source:

    - The air-cooled orig. BINZEL hose package MB EVO 36
    - The water-cooled orig. BINZEL hose package MB EVO 501
  • LCD TOUCH display

    The LCD TOUCH display allows fast and intuitive selection of process, wire type, gas type, current, thickness, voltage and wire feed speed. The power source offers numerous functions that can be set on the TOUCH display, such as: arc length, short arc or pulse welding, 2-stroke or 4-stroke operation, spot welding time, pause time, throttle effect, push-pull force, burnback, soft start, gas pre-flow and gas post-flow. If required, it is also possible to equip it with a cooling unit (art. 1681). This particularly versatile power source is suitable for numerous applications, especially in medium-sized steel structures, and is characterised by its low
    current consumption (PFC). Complies with the EN 61000-3-12 standard.
Synstar multi-function welding device
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Synstar multi-function welding device

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Synstar multi-function welding device
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