shaft roughing\finishing cutter long

  • Shank roughing/finishing cutter long HSS Co8

    Long high-performance shank cutter to DIN 844 with
    Weldon clamping surface according to DIN 1835B.
    Roughing/finishing cutter for large-area milling work,
    type NR P for pre-machining and finishing of materials
    with a strength of up to 1,100 N/mm2.
    3 cutting edges on the face and cutter circumference for
    machining surfaces, shoulders and corners. One tooth
    cutting over the centre for drilling.
    High- speed steel with 8% cobalt for machining
    tempered and tool steel, structural steel, cast iron and
    non-ferrous metal.
    High toughness and perfect heat resistance,
    very long service life. Frequently selected type for high
    cutting speed and productivity.
    Roughing/finishing profile for maximum cutting performance,
    suitable for hard and /or short-chipping materials.
    The average roughness of the finished surface is
    ? Ra 3.2 ?m. The surface
    quality is sufficient in many cases.
    Tool geometry with a twist angle of 35° for
    a well-balanced distribution of cutting forces,
    rake angle 12° for materials with low to medium
shaft roughing\finishing cutter long
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shaft roughing\finishing cutter long

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shaft roughing\finishing cutter long
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