3 years warranty

ELMAG products have always impressed with their outstanding quality.

We guarantee this for 2 years as standard.


Extend this warranty free of charge for another year (3 years in total)

by registering online within 3 months of purchase.





 To register a product for the 3-year ELMAG warranty you need:

- a user account (simply create one at https://www.elmag.at/de/customer/account/login/)

- the proof of purchase (as PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, DOC or DOCX file)

- the serial number of the corresponding product


ELMAG customers who are logged in will find the „Product registration“ function under „My user account“.

Here you can submit your registration request, it will be checked by us and you will receive a confirmation email.

In addition, you will see an overview of all ELMAG products you have registered and their registration status.

All products with a serial number are suitable for the 3-year ELMAG warranty.

You will be informed about possible exceptions and restrictions during the registration process

or you can also find them in our Terms & Conditions https://www.elmag.at/de/footer/agb


So you are guaranteed to enjoy your ELMAG product for even longer!