Universal compressed air cleaning and grinding machine


    Cutting-edge ELMAG compressed air tools are highly ergonomic high-tech products for trade, industry and commerce, but also for private workshops and garages.

  • EPS technology

    Developed under real practical conditions in the technical laboratory, EPS compressed air tools are characterised by outstanding technical perfection.

    Tight manufacturing tolerances, self-centring, precision ground air motors and high-precision quality bearings from leading brand manufacturers ensure smoother running, optimised air consumption and maximum product performance.

  • EPS safety

    Pneumatic tools are the safest power tools. They are generally much safer than electric power tools and are also more ergonomic. Without an electric motor, a more manageable and user-friendly design is possible and the added advantage is that there is no risk of electric shock or explosion. Pneumatic tools are also safe to use in wet environments.

  • Care and operation

    For long-term use under the toughest conditions, pneumatic tools need minimum care. Clean and dry (condensate-free) compressed air is required as the drive medium. Water residues cause corrosion and damage to the air motor and components. Compressed air conditioned by a refrigeration dryer and filter is optimal.

    And another thing - compressed air has to be oiled! The easiest way is to use maintenance units, automatic oilers or inline oilers. It is also advisable to add a few drops of ELMAG oil directly into the air connection opening before and after each working day or before longer work breaks.

  • Tech info: brush belt technology

    Surfaces treated with this technology are cleaned down into the pores. The EPS 460 universal pneumatic cleaning and grinding machine is ideal for removing underbody protection and sealants, stripping paint, removing rust and cleaning (e.g. welds).

    Even sharp-edged and hard-to-reach areas will sparkle.
    Brush belts in fine (straight) and coarse (angled) design, 11 and 23 mm. The fixed U-shaped staples made of spring steel with hardened tips strike the surface to be cleaned individually as they rotate.


    • Garages
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Vehicle construction
    • Service and repair

  • Das ist ein Universal-Reinigungs- & Schleifgerät
Universal compressed air cleaning and grinding machine
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Universal compressed air cleaning and grinding machine

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Universal compressed air cleaning and grinding machine
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