Hard overlay welding wire rolls

  • Steel hard overlay wire 1.4718 for hard surfaces

    Special welding wire made of chrome-silicon steel for MIG/
    MAG and TIG welding of hard, abrasion-resistant application to
    structural steel, cast steel and manganese high-carbon steel.
    Examples: Rollers, running surfaces, caterpillars, wheels,
    excavator parts, screw conveyors, roller crushers, impact hammers,
    cams, clamping jaws, baffles, mixer arms, anvils ...
    MIG/MAG processing under inert gas argon, mixed gases
    M 21 - M 33, CO2, C 1, TIG processing with uncoiler
    under inert gas argon.
    The inert gas affects the hardness. Untreated
    weld metal can be processed by grinding. Pre-heat
    base materials that are liable to crack to 200 to 300 °C. Weld intermediate layer for extremely
    crack-sensitive base material.
    Standard welding wire rolls 15 kg for MIG/MAG welding machines
    or TIG unwinding device, welding wire O 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.6 mm.
Hard overlay welding wire rolls
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Hard overlay welding wire rolls

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Hard overlay welding wire rolls
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