Aluminium stick electrodes

  • High-quality e-hand aluminium welding

    MT-AlSi5 (3.2245) for aluminium-silicon alloys
    Aluminium-silicon electrode with special covering for
    welding aluminium-silicon and related
    aluminium alloys. Limited use for thermosetting
    alloys such as AlCuMg 1 (3.1325), AlMgSi 1 (3.2315)
    and AlZn 4.5 Mg 1 (3.4335).
    During welding, the electrode is guided to the
    base material with a short arc. For larger workpieces and
    for wall thicknesses over 15 mm, the welding gap should be preheated to 150
    to 200°C. The pure weld metal cannot
    be cured. Welds of aluminium alloys
    that can be cured should therefore not be located in zones under heavy mechanical stress.
Aluminium stick electrodes
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Aluminium stick electrodes

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Aluminium stick electrodes
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