Welding wires, electrodes, additives

Welding wires, electrodes, additives


Welding wire - for high quality results with long welds

ELMAG products are characterised by their ease of use and highest quality standards. Additives are required to create a stable weld in inert gas welding. A welding wire allows automatic welding without interruption due to its length. Not only does it help to make welding of the final product easy, it also protects against adverse environmental conditions. In autogenous welding and TIG welding, welding rods are normally used.

Different materials, diameters and lengths enable perfect processing of your workpieces

At ELMAG you will find welding wires made of various materials for MIG/MAG and TIG welding. Basically, a distinction is made here between solid wire electrodes and cored wire electrodes. Use a welding wire of appropriate material for the weld (aluminium, steel), with inert gas or without. The inert gas affects hardness and ensures stability. The proportion of manganese and silicon in the welding wire varies. The higher the number - SG1, SG2, SG3, etc. - the higher the quality of the product.

We bring your quality product directly to you

Our welding wire is on a reel or spool and is available in different thicknesses between 1.6 and 8mm. In our online shop you will also find the right welding machines to use, along with other helpful items.



Welding additives

The suitability of the welding additives is listed under 'Materials'. Further special welding additives are available on request.

Steel material standard designations

For a comparison of the standard designations according to DIN and EN for frequently used steel materials, see 'Steel material standard designations'

Carbon content/weldability

Weldability decreases with increasing carbon content and proportion of alloy in the base material. High-alloy materials require special welding additives.

MIG / MAG spool brake

Set the spool brake so that the welding wire roller comes to a standstill quickly, even at high wire feed, to prevent the welding wire from unwinding too far.

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