Welding inverter (MMA)

Welding inverter (MMA)


ELMAG - MMA welding inverter

Technical info: MMA electrode range

  • Thin workpiece - thin electrode

  • Thick workpiece - thick electrode
    Depending on the size of the workpiece, an appropriate electrode diameter is required for the size of the weld pool or supply of sufficient heat. Depending on type, electrode diameters of 1.5 mm for thin sheet and up to 6 mm for heavy sheet are available on request.

MMA electrode storage

  • Store electrodes packed in plastic in a dry place
    The covering of e-manual welding electrodes absorbs moisture. Damp electrodes are difficult to ignite and burn irregularly. With wet electrodes, the coating crumbles.

MMA electrode redrying

  • Observe the recommended drying temperature and duration for the redrying wet electrodes.

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