Spot welding machines, spotters

Spot welding machines, spotters


Spot welding machine / - Tongs / - Inverter

Point by point. With steel and stainless steel sheets, nothing works faster than secure and permanent connection with spot welds.
Time control only when current flows at the welding point, therefore very good results when welding on metal sheets with traces of paint, or on oxidised or galvanised parts. Ideal for bodywork, garages, mechanical engineering and metal construction! Accessories for electrodes etc.


Technical data (spot welding system):

  • All products in 400 volt version.

  • Duty cycle at max. welding current 1.1%

  • Mobile devices weighing between 10 and 13 kg.

  • Display: Electronic synchronised timer with 2 - 65 periods

  • Pressure setting in daN

  • Transformer insulation class F

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