MultiSafeVario automatic welding helmets

  • Product description

    Welding protection of the highest level
    MultiSafeVario® welding shields provide reliable eye and protection
    against arc radiation and shield
    the head and neck perfectly from metal spatter,
    welding and grinding sparks.

    Field of view with excellent visibility in normal light
    The brightness level of the field of view enables a continuous
    welding process with the helmet closed. From preparation and ignition of the electrode through to weld inspection, electrode replacement and
    material handling, the visor can remain down. Accidental ‘flashing’ - e.g. during tack welding - is impossible.

    Extremely fast dimming
    When the arc is ignited, the field of view of the MultiSafeVario®
    welding helmet darkens fully automatically in a very short time. The welding process can be observed without glare.

    Variably adjustable protection level DIN 9 - 13
    The protection level (degree of darkening for optimum visibility, depending on the welding process and/or arc strength) and the response (sensitivity) of the field of view can be adjusted continuously at any time by means of controls on the inside of the helmet - one hand remains free for the welding torch.

    Extremely comfortable to wear
    - Comfortable, easily adjustable headband with locking mechanism
    - Headband and forehead sweatband replaceable
    - Visor angle and height adjustable
    - With up & down mechanism for optimising the centre of gravity when opening/closing the visor. The welding helmet always sits lightly on your head.
  • Highlights

    Genuine high-tech
    - Automatic cassette DIN EN 4/9-13 with permanently effective ultraviolet and infrared filters for shielding harmful radiation, protection level DIN 16
    - Automatic switch-on and switch-off with four or two
    light-sensitive sensors for arc detection, solar cells for power supply. 2XL models are also equipped with two back-up batteries.
    - Large LCD field of view 98 x 55 or 98 x 43 mm with
    liquid crystal cover: on arc ignition, the liquid crystals are specially arranged. Depending on the protection level, the field of vision shows a brighter or darker image.
    - Adjustable brightening delay: time from extinguishing of the arc until visibility in normal light. Protects against glare from the afterglow of the weld. Adjustable on the automatic cassette.
    - 2XL models are equipped with a test switch.

    Permanent protection, optimal handling
    - Permanent, automatic protection of the welder
    - Both hands free for set-up and welding work
    - High welding quality through continuous observation
    - Time saving and higher productivity

    Welding and grinding mode
    - MultiSafeVario® welding shields can be used for welding and grinding work. For grinding without automatic dimming, the protection level bright DIN 4 can be set permanently.
  • Areas of application

    - Models 2XL for MMA electrode welding,
    MIG/MAG & TIG shielded arc welding,
    plasma cutting and grinding processes

    - Model L for MMA electrode welding, MIG/
    MAG gas-shielded welding and grinding processes
MultiSafeVario automatic welding helmets
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MultiSafeVario automatic welding helmets

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MultiSafeVario automatic welding helmets
sight size w x h
classification EN 379
light sensors
solar technology
power supply
back up battery
mode switch welding/grinding
lighting delay short/medium/long
test switch
protection levels setting DIN EN 4/9-13
protection grade setting sensitivity
switch on time at 22 °C
light up time short/medium/long
protection level bright
protection level darkened min.
protection level darkened max.
ultra violette protection UV permanent
infrared protection IR permanent
operating temperature
storing temperature
helmet material polyamide/nylon
cassette dimension l x w x h
2. safety step darkened min.
2. safety step darkened max.
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