WELBEE series multifunction pulse welding systems

  • High-end welding inverters for industrial applications

    WELBEE WELding Best Electronic Engine: The latest generation of
    digital welding machines meets the highest quality standards and allows entry into a new dimension of welding.

    LSI Welbee welding control achieves a significant improvement in the welding results in combination with the most advanced 'IT' functions.

    The unique 'Welbee' welding machine developed by OTC DAIHEN Japan is based on pioneering nanotechnology.
    Welbee enables high-quality welding by means of precise regulation of the current/voltage via ultrafast control circuits.

    The supervisor has the ability to monitor the welding process and retrieve quality assurance data via the integrated USB port.

    Excellent arc stability, constant burn-in control with changing 'stickout' and during shuttle operation, the arc remains stable, optimised digital arc start, reduction of spatter by up to 80%, excellent seam appearance & flat seam surfaces, high welding speed, large gap bridging, pulse, wave (double) pulse, synergy characteristics, saving & loading of 100 individual jobs are just some of the features that distinguish this series.
WELBEE series multifunction pulse welding systems
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WELBEE series multifunction pulse welding systems

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WELBEE series multifunction pulse welding systems
Material thickness
steel wire diameter
stainless steel wire diameter
aluminium wire diameter
MIG-soldering diameter
cored wire diameter
welding wire roll diameter
welding wire roll weight
welding current setting
welding voltage adjustment
feed drive
wire feed speed
Mains voltage
welding power source (10 min at 40 °C) at welding current
100 % welding power source (10 min. at 40 °C) at welding current
Mains frequency
anti-surge fuse
Degree of protection
max. steel gas bottle size
Open circuit voltage
working temperature
Water cooling
4 roller wire feed
Article Number
EAN Code
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