Automatic charging starter

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    The DIGICAR series of automatic charging systems are the all-rounders in the field of battery charging and have an additional auto -start function with CPS control. The fully digital control allows ideal adaptation of the charging parameters to the battery to be charged. A wide variety of battery types such as AGM, GEL, BLEI, CALCIUM can be charged optimally, carefully and completely.

    Due to the infinitely variable charging power (from 1 amp) and the equally variable charging time, the charging characteristics can be adapted perfectly to the selected battery type. Complete, careful charging is guaranteed.

    Trickle charging (floating process) is also possible with these devices. They are therefore also ideal for vehicle wintering, emergency vehicles, boats, motorhomes, etc.

    The auto-start function with CPS control is ideal for jump starting vehicles, even if they have sensitive electronic control systems. The starting process is initiated automatically and detects when the vehicle ignition is activated. Integrated surge protection prevents damage to the on-board electronics.
Automatic charging starter
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Automatic charging starter

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Automatic charging starter
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