Automatic battery charger

  • Makes batteries more powerful, increases battery power and life

    The optimal charger for car, motorcycle, starter and storage batteries. The MULTICHARGER has both a battery-saving charging process and an energy-saving stage with trickle charge, which is ideal for charge maintenance in winter.
  • Multicharger

    - With microcontroller for fully automatic charging
    - Trickle charging for winter maintenance of motorcycles and lawn mowers, for maintaining the charge of vintage cars, snowmobiles, emergency vehicles, ...
    - 4 operating modes, with winter mode for charging in cold weather
    - 10 automatic functions
    - Battery analysis
    - Regeneration on full discharge
    - Refreshing (pulse current) with desulphation (lifetime)
    - Visual display of incorrect polarity, battery failure, charge status
Automatic battery charger
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Automatic battery charger

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Automatic battery charger
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