Autogenous welding accessories

Autogenous welding accessories


Autogenous welding accessories and tools for welding and soldering

Autogenous welding accessories provide reliable performance and quality. With ELMAG welding accessories, you get products that guarantee safe welding and high-quality results. In autogenous welding, a flame is generated that melts iron without oxidizing it. This makes it possible to join two workpieces together.

Large selection of welding accessories

In our shop you will find all the accessories you need for metalworking using the following techniques:

  • welding

  • grinding

  • soldering

  • when using autogenous technology

With ELMAG professional accessories for perfect welding results

So-called TIG welding is often used to join two workpieces. You will also find the right tool for working with cutting equipment here. Very good results can usually be achieved when machining components with a cutting tool. Remember to take account of appropriate occupational safety. The positive feedback from our customers shows that ELMAG is a reliable manufacturer and we guarantees that our welding technology is of a high standard of quality.

With the complete autogenous welding set including filled oxygen/acetylene gas cylinders and a steel cylinder trolley, you have everything you need for safe welding.
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