Air purifier AirCO2NTROL

Air purifier AirCO2NTROL


Air purifier AirCO2NTROL, virus-free breathing air, aerosol filtered, bacteria-free breathing air, Corona Protect filter system professional device

Start once and be safe permanently! The AirCO2ntrol air purifier cleans room air safely with the best filter technology available on the market after a single adjustment. It’s the perfect way to minimise infection risks in any room or space.

Viruses such as the Corona virus can remain active in the air for up to three hours and travel long distances via movements in the air. They are only 80 - 160 nanometres in size. The 6 air exchanges per hour ensures frequent cleaning of the room air by the AirCO2NTROL air purifier and leads to a significant reduction of the virus load.

Simple volume flow control ensures a permanent air exchange for rooms and spaces up to 100 m², resulting in up to 6 air exchange per hour. Optimised technology enables extremely quiet continuous operation. The built-in presence detection offers the automated switching on and off of the device.

The AirCO2NTROL can be continuously adjusted between 300 - 1500 m³/h to suit the room size. The noise level is thus also reduced as far as possible. Due to a permanent volume flow control in the unit, the performance remains constant even when the filter saturation progresses

The highlights in detail

  • Automatic switch-on and switch-off through presence detection

  • Very quiet continuous operation, barely audible (49 dB(A))

  • 6 air changes per hour for rooms up to 100 m²

  • XXL HEPA-H14 filter with separation of 99.995 % of all aerosols, viruses and bacteria

  • Integrated UV-C radiation inactivates viruses and bacteria

  • Safe filter change

  • Air flow is constantly regulated, regardless of the saturation of the filter

  • Pre-filter and main filter are monitored separately to maximise filter service life

  • Stable castors, unit is easy to transport

  • Safety locks on the openings for maintenance

  • Inlet openings on all sides – 360 degrees

  • Unit completely pre-assembled, simply plug in

Perfect filter technology: HEPA H14, UV-C filter and F7 pre-filter

Advantages of the XXL HEPA H14 filter

The XXL main filter (20 m² filter surface) of the air purifier is a filter of the HEPA H14 class (High-Efficient-Particulate-Air). It filters out all airborne aerosols, viruses and bacteria with a separation efficiency of over 99.995 %. Before they are delivered, each H14 filter is individually and rigorously tested – both the tightness and separation efficiency are tested in accordance with DIN EN 1822. This ensures the highest level of safety.

Advantages of the F7 pre-filter

The F7 pre-filter pre-separates coarse particles and significantly extends the service life of the HEPA H14 main filter. This design reduces the follow-up costs for replacement filters.

UV-C filter - optional

The high-energy UV rays of the built-in light filter unit in the air purifier inactivate viruses and bacteria and guide the intake air through the irradiated HEPA H14 filter. This enables a safe and virus-free filter change. Neither ozone or chemicals are used!

The AirCO2NTROL has optimised filter monitoring thanks to separate indicator lights for the pre-filter and main filter. This means that both filters can be used optimally and need to be changed after a correspondingly long service life. Optimal filter resistances prevent high power consumption.

Areas of application

  • Schools, nursery schools and public institutions

  • Hotels and guest houses

  • Bistros, restaurants, bars and cafés

  • Sports and leisure facilities

  • Healthcare, medical practices and hospitals

  • Retail, trade, and all types of services

The AirCO2NTROL air purifier provides optimal performance in many areas. These include, for example, schools, nursery schools and other public facilities, hotels and guesthouses, bistros, restaurants, bars and cafés, sports and leisure facilities, in the healthcare sector such as doctors’ surgeries and hospitals, as well as in the service, retail and commercial sectors.

Room air purifiers are very sensible technical solutions – especially in winter

The AirCO2NTROL air purifier also meets the requirements of a recent scientific study by the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics at the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich, Germany, headed by Prof. Dr. Christian J. Kähler dated 22/09/2020

Study title: School teaching during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic – Which concept is safe, feasible and ecologically justifiable?

According to this, the decisive factor in selecting the right air purifier is the function of 6 air changes per hour to keep the aerosol concentration low. This rate is easily possible with AirCO2NTROL for rooms up to 100 m² in size. For smaller rooms, the air exchange rate is even higher. Furthermore, our XXL HEPA H14 filter has 20 square metres of filter surface, and this is a decisive in separating the aerosol particles and thus the viruses during the single flow of the air to 99.995 % – this is more impressive when considering it’s possible alongside our high-performance, low-noise technology

Technical data air purifier AirCO2NTROL

Technical data Value
Air volume flow min. 300 m³/h
Air volume flow max. 1500 m³/h
Dimensions (W x D x H) 793 x 836 x 1660 mm
Motor power 0.75 kW
Supply voltage 1 x 230 V / 50 Hz
Rated current 16 A
Sound pressure level at 1,200 m³/h 49 dB(A)
Power consumption in watts per m³/h 0.3 W/m³/h
Weight 148 kg
Sensors Presence detection
Filter levels 2 or 3
Filter method Disposable filter
Main filter HEPA filter H14
Separation efficiency > 99.995
Filter area 20 m²
Pre-filter ePM1, 50 % (F7)
UV irradiation UV-C, 27 Watt power
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