Diamond cutting discs

  • Quality diamond cutting discs

    Only synthetic diamonds are used for the quality diamond cutting discs from ELMAG®.
    Depending on the application, synthetic diamonds perform five times better than natural diamonds. Synthetic diamond is made from pure carbon and is optimised in shape, size and durability for its intended use.
  • Selection of diamond cutting discs

    When it comes to selecting diamond cutting discs, a distinction is made between models with closed and open cutting edges.

    Models with a closed cutting edge:
    for accurate, clean cuts in tiles and ceramics, granite tiles, porcelain stoneware, marble slabs, etc.

    Models with open cutting edge with cutting segments:
    the key to selection is the bonding of the diamond grain:

    Soft bonding:
    For hard materials such as granite, concrete, marble, hard clinker, brick,
    roof tiles, etc.

    Hard bonding:
    For soft (abrasive) materials such as soft chamotte, asphalt, soft clinker, limestone, etc.
  • Technical info about bonding

    The bond is the carrier element for the diamond grain.
    It is produced by sintering a binder, e.g. bronze, with
    diamond grains under high pressure and temperature.
    The bond holds the diamond grain sintered into it,
    but also releases it for the cutting process.
  • Cooling breaks for diamond cutting discs

    ELMAG® stone separation technology bench devices are equipped with permanent water cooling.
    PREMIUM LINE diamond cutting discs from ELMAG® can be used for both wet cutting and dry cutting without a cooling break.
    For SILVER LINE products, we recommend
    cooling pauses of 10 seconds every 2 minutes when dry cutting.
Diamond cutting discs
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Diamond cutting discs

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Diamond cutting discs
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