Hand tile cutter SUPER PRO

  • Make manual cutting easy

    Large, durable 22 mm tungsten carbide cutting wheel for
    precise cutting, smooth-running cutting head with five fixed and
    four adjustable ball bearings, torsion-resistant
    cutting head guide, pressure bar that clicks in easily on the sturdy
    base frame and simple handling - in the development of
    the SUPER PRO tile cutting machines, the focus has been on
    practical considerations and the needs of professionals.
  • Description

    The most important thing about a manually operated tile cutter:
    the cutting wheel hardness and the radius of the cutting wheel.
    The durable cutting wheel of the 22 mm diameter SUPER PRO is made of hard
    tungsten carbide and provides the
    razor- sharp SUPER PRO precision cut.

    Just as important for an exact cut:
    an accurate, smooth-running and easily adjustable cutting
    head guide which prevents deviation from the cutting path.
    The cutting head of the SUPER PRO devices is equipped with nine (!)
    precision ball bearings. Four ball bearings are

    Essential for a straightforward cut:
    a torsion-resistant, smooth cutting head guide
    on a stable machine frame. SUPER PRO devices are
    also equipped with a non-slip workpiece support.
Hand tile cutter SUPER PRO
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Hand tile cutter SUPER PRO

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Hand tile cutter SUPER PRO
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