V-belts drills

V-belts drills


Technical info - How to drill like a professional

1. Drill selection

For metals: Use metal drills made of high-performance high-speed steel (HSS).
Carbide or stainless steel: Metal drill bit with titanium coating or cobalt alloy.

2. Centre punching

Mark the position of the hole with a scriber. Position a hardened centre punch and mark the centre of the hole with a short hammer blow - so the drill cannot slip off. For HSS drills with a split point, the centre punching can be omitted. For larger bore diameters pre-drill with a smaller drill.

3. Speed

To protect the drill bit, drill hard metal at low speed and with low pressure. For softer metals, use a higher speed. Reduce pressure before breakthrough.

4. Cooling

Cool the drill bit. In the case of long holes, lift out the drill several times and add coolant; take breaks during drilling, as necessary.

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