Round bending machines

  • AS manual round bending machines for one-off production

    AS and AS-M round bending machines are designed for rolling fine and medium thickness sheet steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
    They enable controlled production of sheet bending radii and production of semi-finished products such as pipes, pipe sockets and columns, gutters and half shells, container shells, ventilation pipes and round insulation.
  • Additional options

    All AS and AS-M models are equipped with a bending device for conical workpieces and with wire insert grooves for round and spring steel wire.
  • AS-M motorised

    The motor-driven AS-M models are designed for light to medium-weight and series rolling work. They provide stable, automatic forward and reverse feed and are easy to control via foot pedals. The back roller is positioned by handwheel.
  • Automation

    All AS-M models can be upgraded with a positioning drive for the rear roller and a control panel with digital display (high-precision position measurement).
Round bending machines
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Round bending machines

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Round bending machines
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