Mechanical sheet metal shears - GMR

  • GMR - Powerful motorised shears with ELGO NC control

    Super-cycle rate

    The GMR sheet metal shears for 4.0 mm sheet thickness cycle at 42 strokes per minute. They are therefore a cost-effective solution for serial cutting. Their maximum cutting length is 2,560 mm.

  • Cutting programming

    The ELGO NC control offers simple and fast cutting programming with manually triggered, motorised positioning and automatic backgauge reset.

  • Very fast and precise

    The backgauge is moved at 110 mm/s to the cutting size and positioned exactly. A precision drive with ball screw provides the accuracy required. Fix the metal sheet, press a key or the foot pedal - and you’re done.

  • Cut adjustment on GM 4

    Manual cutting gap adjustment of the GMR 4 models allows the cutting quality to be optimised depending on the thickness and type of material.

  • Top accessories

    For exact positioning of thin sheet metal sections, the GMR model can be upgraded with a pneumatic sheet metal holding device.

  • Tech info: cutting gap adjustment

    With sheet metal shears, the cutting quality depends largely on correct setting of the cutting gap. Even with thin sheets, a straight cut pattern with low edge indentation can be achieved.

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Mechanical sheet metal shears - GMR
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Mechanical sheet metal shears - GMR

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Mechanical sheet metal shears - GMR
Cut length
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cutting capacity 70 kg/mm²
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