Hydraulic workshop presses

  • WPMH - pressing capacity up to 15, 20, 30 or 50 t

    - Manually operated hydraulic presses
    - Bending and aligning of axles, shafts and profiles
    - Pressing/driving out bearings, bushings, pins, shafts, keys
    - Pressing of pipes
    - Punching with special punches
    - Ideal for stress tests,
    material and weld seam checks
    - Inlet sizes of max. 550 x 550 to max. 790 x 1,030 mm
    - Hole guide frame with locking pins for press table adjustment
    - Individual models with press table winch for manual height adjustment
    - Hydraulic cylinder can be moved longitudinally
    - Pressure build-up by hand pump, very precise hydraulic system
    - Automatic switching between
    idling and working speed
    - Automatic piston return
    - Overload safety valve
    - Compression pressure gauge
    - Chrome-plated cylinder piston
    - Press table with locking pins and support blocks in V-shape
    - Robust welded construction
  • WPMH 15/2

    - Pressing capacity max. 15 t
    - Intake size max. 550 x 550 mm
Hydraulic workshop presses
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Hydraulic workshop presses

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Hydraulic workshop presses
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