Hydraulic sheet metal shears - HGS-A series

  • Super fast swing cut shears for mid-range requirements

    HGS-A sheet metal shears are hydraulically driven high-performance machines with modern swing cut technology.

    They combine economy with high performance and modern design and with a speed of 15 - 24 strokes per minute, they are the fastest and most powerful machines in their class. The maximum cutting length is between 2,600 and 4,100 mm.

    HGS-A models are designed for years of demanding, continuous operation. Their main frame and cutter bar are enclosed, torsion-resistant monobloc box constructions for maximum stability and cutting precision.

    The upper and lower blades are made of wear-resistant, high-alloy special steel and can be used on two or four sides. Thanks to a central, continuously adjustable cutting gap adjustment mechanism, HGS-A swing cutting shears enable precise quality cuts in all types of material. The cutting gap for the entire machine length is adjusted with maximum accuracy by means of a setting lever on the right side of the machine.

    Extensive optional extras are available to expand the machine functions. Ideal: automatic cutting gap and stroke adjustment (CNC HGS-A).

  • Tech info: swing action cutting technology

    Swing-action sheet metal cutters allow very precise cutting of sheet metal with a straight cutting profile. They deliver high dimensional accuracy, even with thick sheet metal.

    When cutting with swing cutting systems, the cutter bar with the upper blade is guided through a narrow arc. The upper blade is initially positioned vertically above the lower blade and is moved away from the lower blade during the swing-action procedure. At the same time, the backgauge releases the plate so that the separated piece of sheet metal can fall off.

    Important advantages of swing cutting technology

    • High cut quality
    • High long-term accuracy of the machine
    • Long blade lifetime
    • Long sharpening intervals

    Das ist eine hydraulische Schwingschnittschere
Hydraulic sheet metal shears - HGS-A series
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Hydraulic sheet metal shears - HGS-A series

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Hydraulic sheet metal shears - HGS-A series
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