Hydraulic sheet metal shears - HGD series

  • Heavy, hydraulic swing cut shears

    The proven HGD hydraulic swing cut shears were developed for precise heavy plate processing, but are also perfect for thin sheets. They cover the essential needs of machine and steel construction companies.

    Only high-quality components and high-strength special materials are used to make HGD shears. They are therefore suitable for heavy-duty applications in industrial production, have a long service life and provide many years of trouble-free operation.

    The machine body consists of a heavy, tension-free monoblock steel frame. It can withstand high loads and retains its rigidity even at maximum machine capacity - a prerequisite for very good cutting quality.

    The extra-strong, torsion-resistant cutter bar enables operation with a shallow cutting angle - twisting of narrow sheet metal sections is reduced to a minimum. High-alloy special steel blades from a high-quality Germanproduction plant offer a light, clean cut.

    HGD swing shears can be upgraded with automatic cutting gap and stroke adjustment (CNC HGD, 999 cutting programs).

    Further special accessories available to expand the functions.

    For coarse and fine work

    The HGD hydraulic swing beam shears are designed for precise heavy plate processing, but are equally suitable for medium and thin plates.

    High-quality materials

    HGD models are able to withstand the heaviest wear and tear over the long term, because the steel type S275 with increased ductility and tensile strength is used for the monobloc welded constructions of the machine body and the upper beam.
    High-alloy special steel blades from a high-quality German production plant offer a light, clean, straight cut.

    Guided flat blade

    The large and precisely guided knife bar enables a shallow cutting angle. Sheet metal sections are precisely pre-tensioned and fully cut. Thin sheet remains straight and cuts cleanly.

    Equipped with CybTouch

    Heavy-duty cuts, easy programming. The newly integrated CybTouch cutting control with large colour touchscreen and visually outstanding user guidance makes machine set-up and operation a lot easier.

    Extremely well equipped

    HGD sheet metal shears are very well equipped as standard - e.g. with central kerf adjustment, NC controlled backgauge, cutting line illumination, etc.

  • HGD standard features

    • Upper blade with two cutting edges, special steel hardened
    • Hardened special steel lower blade with four cutting edges
    • Kerf adjustment device
    • NC-controlled backgauge with ball screw
    • Cutting line illumination
    • Automatic hold-down system
    • CE safety devices
    • Support arm with ruler and side stops
    • Supporting table with ball castors
    • HGD control console
    • ELGO P 9521 NC controller
    • Mobile operating column with foot release and emergency stop button
    • Operating instructions / CE
  • HGD special accessories

    • Angle stop with scale
    • Pneumatic sheet metal holding device
    • Support arm length up to three metres, with ruler
    • Laser cutting line display
    • Finger protection light curtain
    • CNC HGD with CYBELEC DNC 61 G control
    • Special blade for stainless steel

    Das ist eine hydraulische Tafelblechschere
Hydraulic sheet metal shears - HGD series
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Hydraulic sheet metal shears - HGD series

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Hydraulic sheet metal shears - HGD series
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