Hydraulic profile steel shears and hole punches

  • Multifunctional

    SPS professional steel shears are versatile and are one of the most important machines in series metalworking. They allow safe and precise processing of sheets and rapid cutting of profiles with the highest repeat accuracy.
  • Top features

    SPS profile steel shears are very well equipped and can be used immediately on all
    processing stations (Plug & Play). They have a
    punch and die system suitable for MUBEA tools, a round steel
    and square steel blade, angle shears and a flat steel blade.
    Models with five processing stations are equipped with a rectangular
    notching knife (maximum thickness 8 to 16 mm).
  • High pressure, high stroke rate

    The hydraulically driven SPS profile steel shears have a
    high pressure force of 40 to 175 tonnes, depending on the model. Models from SPS 65 are particularly powerful double-piston machines that allow simultaneous punching and notching.
    With clock rates of max. 20 to 25 strokes per minute,
    the machines allow a rapid succession of hole punching - ideal for
    single and series punching of slots, for example.
    Precision cutting of round steel (SPS 175 max. Ø 65 mm),
    square steel (max. 55 mm), angle steel (max. 200x20 mm) and flat steel (max. 380 x 30 mm) are carried out on special processing stations.
    For detailed performance indicators for SPS models, see table
    on page 29.
  • Ergonomic handling

    Ideal working height, smooth-running quick-action clamping elements, easy
    tool changes and convenient central lubrication distinguish
    the almost maintenance-free SPS models as top ergonomic
    products. The punching or cutting process is triggered easily and
    safely by the foot pedal of a mobile control column.
    Models from the SPS 65 are equipped with a machine
    lamp with magnetic foot - ideal for good visibility during precise punching work. An
    electromagnetic back stop offers maximum efficiency for
    series cutting.
  • Optional extras

    All SPS models can be upgraded to include special punch and die
    systems and special blades for U, I and T steel.
    Other particularly useful features: functional expansions from SPS 45 with a
    rod bending tool and from SPS 65 with a sheet metal bending tool.
Hydraulic profile steel shears and hole punches
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Hydraulic profile steel shears and hole punches

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Hydraulic profile steel shears and hole punches
hydraulic pressure force
hydraulic pistons
processing stations
punching-6 x material thickness max.
punching-6 x material thickness
punching-6 x material thickness max.
punching stroke
strokes at 20 mm stroke max.
Overhang length
punching station working height
round steel cross-section max.
square steel cross-section max.
angle steel cutting angle 90°
angle steel cutting angle 45°
profile steel station working height
flat steel thickness max.
flat steel width max.
flat steel knife length
scissors with angle
flat steel station working height
klink thickness max.
notching width
notching depth
notching working height
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mains connection
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