Hydraulic press brakes - CNC HAP

  • CNC HAP - Synchronised hydraulic press brakes with 3-4 axes

    From extra light to heavy

    Depending on the model, CNC HAP press brakes offer a bending capacity of 40 to 400 tons and a bending length of 1,270 to 4,100 mm.

  • Maximum dimensional accuracy

    CNC HAP press brakes are high-performance sheet metalworking machines with precise synchronisation and proportional valve technology. They meet the highest standards of parallelism in the bending tools and provide very high dimensional accuracy. The synchronisation and linear guide tolerance of the machine axes is only ± 0.01mm.

  • Fast X-axis, R available

    CNC HAP models come with three automatically controlled axes as standard. The vertical axes (Y1, Y2) are positioned hydraulically. The backgauge (X) is moved by an electric motor with a speed of 230 mm/s. Two precise ball screws ensure very accurate positioning. As an option, a fourth machine axis (R) with fast-running servo drive is also available.

  • ER 70 CNC

    Thanks to modern control technology, CNC HAP models are very easy to operate. 999 bending programs and 99 bending step repetitions enable fast and flexible single part and series production.

  • Individual models with crowning

    Individual CNC HAP models are equipped with a manually or motor-adjustable crowning device to correct angular deviations. Special accessories such as special bending tools, pneumatic or hydraulic clamping systems, etc. enable the product functions to be extended.

  • Tech info: synchronised press brakes

    For precise, continuous and accurate edging, uniform parallel lowering of the upper tool is required. This is achieved by two hydraulic cylinders Y1 and Y2, the strokes of which must be synchronized. Hydraulic press brakes from ELMAG® achieve synchronisation of the Y-axes by means of high-precision CNC linear scales and CNC-controlled proportional valves. The synchronisation tolerance is only ± 0.01 mm.

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Hydraulic press brakes - CNC HAP
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Hydraulic press brakes - CNC HAP

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Hydraulic press brakes - CNC HAP
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