C-frame hydraulic presses

  • PREMIUM HPC 50-150

    - Hydraulic C-frame presses are used for punching, embossing, deep drawing and straightening.

    - The hydraulic production presses from ELMAG® have a welded construction, which is made
    entirely of ST52.3 steel.

    - Double-action cylinders with a guide bushing and anti-twist protection are standard features.

    - Operation is via an electric foot switch.

    - Equipped with a front safety light barrier as standard.

    - Equipped with three cylinders (2 guide cylinders).

    - Work table and press table made of CK 42 material with T-slots DIN 650.

    - Side depth stop on the machine.

    - Anti-twist press table.

    - Special versions available on request!
C-frame hydraulic presses
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C-frame hydraulic presses

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C-frame hydraulic presses
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