Beading machine

  • Manual and motorised beading machines

    Beading machines enable the production of profiles from flat
    or cylindrical sheets - for example, by embossing depressions (beads)
    that increase the rigidity and enable form-fitting
    longitudinal assembly of pipes.
    The required profile is pressed into the metal sheet with the aid of embossing rollers. The rollers have a positive and a negative profile
    and can be replaced quickly. Beading machines are equipped with an adjustable depth stop. The flat or cylindrical
    plate is pushed through to the stop, the follower roller is lightly pressed and the drive roller set in motion. While
    the sheet passes through the machine several times, the follower roller
    is gradually adjusted to achieve a sufficient degree of forming (beading, flanging or drawing depth).
Beading machine
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Beading machine

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Beading machine
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