Square punch (KINGSLAND)

  • Selection of punches and dies

    Stamp size
    The size of punched holes is determined by the dimensions of the punch.

    Die opening
    The opening of the die must be larger than the punch by the cutting clearance.

    The cutting clearance corresponds to twice the cutting gap size and is approx. 10% of the material thickness.

    Determination of the cutting clearance or die opening
    For round dies and square dies, the following cutting clearance dimensions are recommended, depending on the material thickness:

    Das sind Stempeln und Matrizen

    Das sind Stempeln und Matrizen

    Slot dies are manufactured with a cutting clearance of 0.3 or 1.0 mm, depending on the material thickness:

    Das sind Stempeln und Matrizen

    Das sind Stempeln und Matrizen

    Order information for dies
    When ordering dies, please specify the die opening or the material thickness.

    If no die opening or material thickness dimensions are specified, dies are supplied with the following cutting clearance:

    - For round dies and square dies:
    Das sind Stempeln und Matrizen

    - For slot dies:
    Das sind Stempeln und Matrizen
  • ELMAG® manufacturing service

    ELMAG® will gladly produce your customised cutting tool made of high-strength special steel - to professional quality standards, of course, and with special hardening and precision grinding!

    Customised cutting tools are manufactured on the basis of drawings or samples.

    For drawings:
    - Please pay attention to the material thickness specifications to determine the cutting clearance.
    - Make sure the cutting gap between the punch and the die opening is even.

    Triangular, rectangular, hexagonal and cylinder lock shapes, as well as special punches and dies with intermediate dimensions or in special sizes are available on request.
Square punch (KINGSLAND)
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Square punch (KINGSLAND)

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Square punch (KINGSLAND)
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