Metal saw bands

Metal saw bands


The ELMAG bandsaw blade ensures a precise and beautiful cutting results

ELMAG quality products meet the highest quality and safety standards. You will find all the accessories you need in our online shop to work with your metal and wooden workpieces easily. Our bandsaw blades have two tooth tips and are made partly of cobalt. This will enable you to achieve a perfect grinding result.


ELMAG professional accessories for reliable performance and quality

If you already have a metal bandsaw, we can supply you with the corresponding saw blade and saw bands in various widths and thicknesses. Have you not bought a machine yet or are you unhappy with your saw? Apart from accessories for processing wood and metal, you can, of course, also order machines and saws from us. We will be happy to help you if you have specific questions or need advice on which tool is right for you.


Variable tooth pitch

Bandsaw blades with variable tooth pitch (also changing or combination serration) havevarying tooth spacing at recurring tooth intervals.
They are identified by two numbers, e.g. 3/4 TPI. 3 denotes the maximum, 4 the minimum tooth spacing.
Bandsaw blades with a variable tooth pitch are recommended especially for cutting material bundles and profiles with different wall thicknesses to length. The variable tooth engagement results in an even cut.

Further advantages of variable tooth pitch:

  • Smooth, low-vibration cutting - optimum tooth pitch and geometry

  • Straight and clean cutting - with guide teeth or broaching teeth

  • Long service life of the bandsaw blade - low wear

  • Wide range of application - two different tooth pitches

  • Retrofitting of the bandsaw blade required less often

Tooth pitch - teeth per inch - TPI

The pitch of bandsaw blades is given in teeth per inch [25.4 mm]. The correct tooth pitch is crucial for optimal cutting results.


Rules to remember about tooth pitch:

  • Short cutting length and/or hard material - narrow pitch

    Thin-walled materials such as sheets, plates, profiles and tubes require narrow tooth spacing

    The tooth pitch is based on the engagement length: For a cost-effective cutting process and to prevent the teeth from breaking, three teeth should engage with the material at any one time.

  • Long cutting length and/or soft material - wide tooth pitch

    Solid and thick-walled materials require a wide tooth spacing. Removal of large chips is made easier and ensures a straight cut.

    Soft materials such as aluminium, light bronze, plastic, Teflon, wood, etc. also require a wide tooth pitch.

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