Metal circular saws

Metal circular saws


ELMAG - metal - circular saws

Over 25 stationary metal circular saws and fully automatic circular saws, fast light metal circular saws and grinders are the key components of the ELMAG circular saw range. Fantastic JEPSON Dry Cutters (circular saws, which can cut steel, plastic and composites without coolant) and cut-off grinders are also available from ELMAG.

Safety first with your ELMAG metal circular saw

An ELMAG circular saw is CE-compliant and meets the latest safety requirements. Metal circular saws from ELMAG also impress with their high-quality technical design, first-class machining and safety functions. Of course, ELMAG circular saws also offer the highest precision and value for money, too.

A circular saw from ELMAG: no compromises

ELMAG stocks a comprehensive range of products and wear parts (including for metal circular saws, of course). ELMAG circular saws will remain in use for years to come. All ELMAG circular saws come with a 2-year full warranty and 15-year spare parts supply warranty.

Safety mechanism: zero-voltage release

The zero voltage release of a machine is a safety mechanism. It prevents uncontrolled restarting of the machine drive when the power returns, e.g. after a power failure. If the voltage drops, the start button is automatically deactivated. It must be pressed again to continue operation after the power returns.

Zero-voltage release - possible causes:

  • Mains power failure or shutdown

  • Tripping of an upstream mains current fuse

  • Tripping of a motor protection switch

  • Emergency stop button pressed

  • Start button defective

  • Cable break

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