MACC metal bandsaws

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    Cleaning, polishing, marking and plating/galvanising

    Looks are everything. Especially in the case of stainless steel welds, the highest
    value is placed on flat, smooth surfaces that are free of
    scaling, oxide layers and annealing colours.

    The solution: CLEAN-TEC I Niro cleaning set
    CLEAN-TEC l in conjunction with a
    cleaning electrolyte, enables efficient after-treatment of
    stainless steel welds and surfaces, and quickly and easily removes scale, oxides and
    annealing colours. Acts
    simultaneously - by passivation - as corrosion protection.

    CLEAN-TEC high-performance electrolytes
    CLEAN-TEC electrolytes can do more:
    - CLEAN-TEC cleaner for stainless steel
    - CLEAN-TEC polisher gives stainless steel a high gloss
    - CLEAN-TEC marker light or dark for
    inscriptions on all electrically conductive metals
    - CLEAN-TEC galvaniser for true galvanisation
    of steel and bodywork panels
MACC metal bandsaws
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MACC metal bandsaws

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MACC metal bandsaws
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