Shank slitting cutter

  • Shank slitting cutter HSS Co5

    High-performance shape cutter for producing keyways
    Woodruff type for disc springs to DIN
    6888. Straight shank to DIN 850 with Weldon
    clamping surface to DIN 1835B.
    Slitting cutters for materials up to 1,100 N/mm2 strength.
    6 to 12 cutting edges on the face and cutter circumference.
    Design of secondary cutting edges with straight teeth up to milling cutter diameter
    7.5 mm, cross-serration from milling cutter diameter of
    10.5 mm.
    High-speed steel with 5% cobalt for machining
    tempered and tool steel, structural steel,
    cast iron, non-ferrous metal and aluminium.
    High toughness and very good heat resistance,
    long service life.
    Small to medium material
    removal, precise machining, very high surface quality.
    Tool geometry with a twist angle of 10°
    for low axial cutting forces, rake angle 10° for
    materials with medium to high strength.
Shank slitting cutter
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Shank slitting cutter

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Shank slitting cutter
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