JEPSON Dry Cutters

  • Dry Cutters - high-precision professional machines

    Really cool design. Every move is logical and feels right. Dry cutters allow coolant-free cutting of tubes and profiles made of steel, INOX/NIRO/stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics and composite materials. Indoors in the workshop or assembly department and outdoors for service work.

  • Data on the JEPSON Dry Cutter

    • Proven Dry Cutter technology for perfect, fast, virtually burr-free cutting
    • Highly resistant saw blade for efficient, virtually spark-free cutting - can be resharpened five times
    • At least five times faster than small bandsaws
    • Optimum cutting guidance and safe handling - Ergo handle with safety lock
    • Easy saw blade mounting - with spindle fixation
    • Tested safety - large saw blade cover, self-closing saw blade guard, safety lock, CE-compliant
    • Ideal portable tools with transport lock
    • Individual models available as special offer sets
    • Assembly stand available as optional accessory
  • Dry Mitre Cutter 9410 ND

    Crosscut and mitre saw with swivel saw head. Easily adjustable and extremely accurate. Ideal for heating, air-conditioning, plumbing and kitchen fitting and precise cutting in any position.

    Das ist ein JEPSON Dry Cutter
  • Premium Dry Cutter 9430

    High-performance cutter with powerful drive 2,000 W and large carbide saw blade 60Z/305 mm, cutting range up to 160x85 mm.

  • Premium Super Dry Cutter 9435

    Top model with extra powerful drive 2,400 W and large carbide saw blade 90Z/355 mm, cutting range up to 155x105 mm. Suitable for thin-walled pipes made of stainless steel.

JEPSON Dry Cutters
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JEPSON Dry Cutters

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JEPSON Dry Cutters
round tube cutting range at 0°
round tube cutting range at 45° right winged mitre
square tube cutting range at 0°
square tube cutting range at 45° right winged mitre
rectangle tube cutting range at 0°
rectangle tube cutting range at 45° right winged mitre
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