Gear drills and milling machines - GBFM series

  • Medium-heavy bed milling machine, 2,400 watts

    The GBFM 50 GAL is a powerful, precise bed milling machine with a vertically
    guided machine head and high table load capacity - a talented allrounder
    for drilling, reaming, countersinking, thread cutting, face and end milling
    of machine, steel and cast components.
    The GBFM 50 GAL is equipped with an automatically height-adjustable
    machine head and a three-stage quill feed. When
    tapping, the direction of rotation can be reversed easily
    on the operating lever. 8-stage automatic feeds
    and rapid traverse on both milling table axes and a precision micro
    feed make the GBFM 50 GAL a high-quality milling machine.
  • Standard features

    - SINO SDS6-3V digital position indicator
    - Quick-action vice B 18, 1 - 16 mm
    - Taper mandrel ISO IT M 16
    - Tightening spindle M 16
    - Tool set
    - Operating instructions / CE
Gear drills and milling machines - GBFM series
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Gear drills and milling machines - GBFM series

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Gear drills and milling machines - GBFM series
face mills milling capacity
end mills milling capacity
mandrel holding fixture (screw mandrel)
rotational speed vertical
speed gradually vertical
rotational speed horizontal
speed gradually horizontal
T-slot / width x distance
mandrel radius
milling head swivel range
quill distance table min./max.
table load capacity
horizontal spindle distance table
router table stroke
router table surface
table length X x Y
feeds X/Y
feed steps X/Y
rapid traverse X/Y
feed Z
motor power
length x width
manuel handpump
speed gradually
speed range
Moment of torque
mains connection
Article Number
EAN Code
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