Double grinding machines + accessories

Double grinding machines + accessories


Double grinding machine / double grinder

with grinding wheels Ø 150 / 175 / 200 / 250 mm


Double grinding machines with 230 or 400 volts

Products in several categories, from the 230 voltdouble grinder to the 400 voltdouble grinder

andwith various motor outputs from 520 - 900 watts.

On the following page you will find double grinders and accessories for your grinding machine, such as grinding wheels with diameters 150 / 175 / 200 / 250 mm.

Technical info - grinding wheels

Grinding wheel grain size

Standardised mesh size per inch when sieving the abrasive grain. A large mesh size gives coarse grain, a tight mesh results in fine grain.

Grinding wheel grain size, classification
coarsemediumfinevery fine

Grinding wheel hardness

Resistance to the abrasive grain breaking away. Depends on the amount of binder. The strength of the grinding wheel is also determined by the grain size.

Grinding wheel hardness, classification
very softsoftmediumhard

Technical info - Grinding INOX/NIRO/stainless steel

Abrasives for INOX/NIRO/stainless steel must be free of iron to prevent subsequent corrosion due to extraneous rust.

  • Use non-ferrous corundum abrasive discs and belts and use only for INOX/NIRO/stainless steel

  • If possible, use the grinder only for INOX/NIRO/stainless steel

Surface treatment of INOX/NIRO/stainless steel on belt grinders:

  • post-processing of welds with abrasive belt grit 40

  • Fine grinding of surfaces with successive grinding belts grain size 80-100-120, or even finer, depending on the desired finish

  • Keep grinding belt speed below 40 m/s to prevent overheating and tarnishing; rework tarnished areas to avoid corrosion.

  • Wet grinding: Best finish with coolants and grinding oil; the same grinding belt grain results in a finer surface with wet grinding

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