Polishing discs for KSM

  • PAF polishing pads

    Strength and flexibility - POLISHER polishing pads are designed for flexible
    use and a high gloss finish. The ELMAG polishing system
    guarantees a perfect finish on any surface, contoured or flat,
    easily and quickly. Stripping and polishing - The ELMAG polishing system
    consists of a series of diamond pads for various
    applications. The grain size of the pads is from 150 to 3000.
    Start with the coarsest pad and work your way up to
    the grain size that produces the surface finish
    you require. A Velcro fastening attaches the pads firmly to the
    holder and provides a positive connection. If you
    want to change the grain, simply pull the pad off the
    plate and replace it with a new one.
Polishing discs for KSM
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Polishing discs for KSM

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Polishing discs for KSM
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