BOMAR bandsaw machine EasyCut

  • EASYCUT - Universal metal bandsaw

    EasyCut 275.230 DG is a universal gravity bandsaw with robust cast iron frame and a saw band with a height of 27 mm. Accurate guidance of the bandsaw blade, a saw frame joint positioned in prestressed tapered roller bearings and synchronised brushes for chip removal are an excellent basis for effective performance of the system and a long service life for the saw band. The pressure during cutting is applied by the weight of the saw frame. The lowering speed of the saw frame is continuously controlled by a hydraulic cylinder with overflow valve. After cutting the material and switching the saw blade off, the saw frame can be raised manually. The saw blade is driven by an industrial two-speed drive with worm gear.
BOMAR bandsaw machine EasyCut
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BOMAR bandsaw machine EasyCut

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BOMAR bandsaw machine EasyCut
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