BOMAR metal bandsaws

BOMAR metal bandsaws


PULLDOWN - Manual metal bandsaw

The large cutting area is designed foruse in workshops and on construction sites. With this portable machine, continuously adjustable cuts of 0° and mitre cuts up to 60° are possible. The saw feed operates manually by pulling on the manual guide lever.


BASICUT - Manual metal bandsaw/Automatic metal bandsaw with manual mitre adjustment

The BasiCut bandsaw has a wide range of applications. The manual gravity-operated bandsaw can be used in small to medium-sized companies thanks to its excellent cost-effectiveness. Thanks to extensive accessories, it is also possible to design a customised cutting unit.

Automatic bandsaw with NC control. Following programming of the piece length and the number of pieces, the whole working cycle is carried out. The target length of the material to be cut is very easy to set on the freely positionable operating panel. "+link2+"") //--> or call +43 7752 80881.

Product Manager
Thomas Kubinger