Cylindrical grinding machines

  • Product description

    Precise grinding on the inside and outside

    The CG 500 cylindrical grinding machine processes shafts and holes to a precision of 0.001 mm. Used for precision grinding of hardened surfaces, outer and inner bearing seats, mating, sliding and gliding surfaces.

    For production of grinding surfaces on shafts, the spindle is lockable.
Cylindrical grinding machines
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Cylindrical grinding machines

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Cylindrical grinding machines
grinding diameter outside max. / min.
grinding diameter inside max. / min.
grinding length max. / min.
work piece weight max.
clamping diameter outside/inside
Tip width
spindle holding fixture / tailstock
headstock-upper part angle of rotation
fan belt driving stages
rotary spindle drive switching stages
rotary spindle rotational speed step 1
rotary spindle rotational speed step 2
jaw chuck-Ø
grinding wheels Ø outside max. / min.
grinding wheels-Ø inside
grinding wheel width
grinding wheels rotational speed
grinding wheel shaft rotational speed
grinding stock crosswise rapid traverse
grinding stock crosswise quick measurement
grinding stock crosswise hand wheel turn
grinding stock crosswise scale graduation
grinding stock crosswise each correction line
grinding stock angle of rotation
tailstock quill tension
grinding table longitudinal feed max.
longitudinal feed speed max. / min.
grinding table angle in / against clockwise
internal cylindrical grinding tool max.
internal cylindrical grinding tool min.
internal cylindrical grinding tool rotational speed max.
coolant pump output
hydraulic system operating pressure
lubrication system operating pressure
grinding stock engine output
grinding stock engine speed
headstock motor power rotational speed
headstock rotational speed 1/2 (50 Hz)
mains connection
Article Number
EAN Code
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