ELMAG thinks about tomorrow.
And acts accordingly.



In the race for innovation, some people forget what they are looking for new solutions. At the end there is the insight that product development itself is not yet a recipe for success. Rather, it is important to have your ear very close to the customer. And of course the suppliers. This is the only way to create new developments and special solutions at the end of the day that really bring new benefits.
ELMAG works and develops precisely according to this principle. Always exactly according to customer requirements and yet with a wide standard range for trade, industry and craft.
Not to mention the 2-year warranty and the 15-year spare parts guarantee, which are simply belong to ELMAG.



We are living in an age of limitless competition and a struggle for every customer. Companies that secure their place at the top with outstanding quality and speed are sustainably successful. Like ELMAG,

because ELMAG is the title of a success story that was started in 1984 by Lorenz Einfinger together with his wife. In the meantime more than 40 employees embody this consistent quality and innovative thinking, and the transformation of customer satisfaction into customer enthusiasm.

ELMAG's successful history has shown that "success depends on speed rather than size".

Highly innovative products that have a modern design and state-of-the-art technology are leaving the company headquarters in Ried im Innkreis, Upper Austria, newly built in 2014, every day. They end up with people who have high standards and appreciate them for home and hobby, in agriculture and forestry, in trades and also in continuous industrial use.

Powered by people.
Since 1984.

The success
story of ELMAG
has shown "that
success depends on speed
rather than
Lorenz Einfinger


What began 30 years ago as a one-man business has now become a healthy and flourishing company with over 40 employees. A large number of you have already completed your apprenticeship at ELMAG. This creates an invaluable advantage both for the development of professional competence and a good working atmosphere as well as for continuity in customer service. Because only over the years can genuine trust and close partnership develop.

Products are interchangeable,
attitudes and working methods,
on the other hand, must continuously
grow and cannot be replaced.
Lorenz Einfinger

ELMAG stands for constant further development, in the team.

This is how we manage to have 95%
of all ELMAG products
with the customer
on the next day!
Lorenz Einfinger

Our focus is not only on
current customer needs,
but also on future ones.

Together with our customers and producers we are constantly working on the development and improvement of our products. Today they are among the best on the market. And we want to continue to be a leader in the use of new technologies. The basis for this is our commitment under the motto: Powered by Quality – Powered by People. This guiding principle is of utmost importance to the entire ELMAG team.



Only those who have their finger on the pulse of time – and the wishes of their customers can be innovative. No matter what products you buy from us – we will do everything to ensure that you receive a perfect device with innovative, mature technology. Highest quality and safety included.


Service is a big word that is often used very casually. The implementation in practice is much more demanding. Especially when you're really serious about it. ELMAG does this with complete consistency. Well organized order processing, perfect logistics and prompt delivery are the natural basis for customer satisfaction.
Highly trained employees with a highly developed awareness of customer requirements, who handle every order quickly and courteously and are happy to answer all your detailed questions.
This is how we ensure that 95 % of all ELMAG products are delivered to the customer the next day! Service work is carried out quickly, professionally and cost-effectively – even for third-party products.
The ELMAG online shop also offers you special advantages around the clock: comprehensive information and technical data about our products, downloads, operating instructions, user tips, etc.