Petrol inverter generators - super sound-insulated inverter technology

  • Popular small power plants - compact & super light

    for camping, boating and sailing, assembly, service and rescue operations, power supply for mobile homes, market stalls and mountain huts or as an emergency power supply for important small appliances such as heaters, refrigerators and freezers - the compact ELMAG INVERTER POWER GENERATORS are flexible all-rounders for independent power supply.


    Did you know that INVERTER generators are also known colloquially as “MOPPEL”?
    It’s not exactly clear why that is. There are many possible explanations.
    But one thing is certain: ELMAG INVERTER power generators fit in any car boot, are a readily available source of energy and are suitable both for 230-volt appliances and for charging 12-volt batteries. The integrated USB port even allows you to operate USB devices or simply charge your mobile phone with it.

    Extra quiet

    Equipped with a sound-insulating plastic housing and a special silencer, the units offer a particularly low sound level even at full load. But the standard ECO automatic goes one step further. This is because it continuously adjusts the engine speed to the power output and thus significantly reduces both noise and fuel consumption in part-load operation. This reduces the sound level to 58 dB(A) at a distance of 7m. That corresponds to a moderate speaking volume.

    Pure sine wave

    ELMAG inverter generators show a clean sine wave on the oscilloscope and are suitable for operating electronic devices such as TVs, PCs, routers, etc. Simple units with a block shaft can sometimes run into problems – but not with our new SEBSS 2000wi inverter generators.

    This is an inverter petrol generator

Petrol inverter generators - super sound-insulated inverter technology
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Petrol inverter generators - super sound-insulated inverter technology

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Petrol inverter generators - super sound-insulated inverter technology
voltage frequency
maximum power 1~230V
Power 1 ~ 230V continuous
power 12VDC A continuous
engine type
engine power
tank capacity
consumption at 75% load
Running time per tank filling at 75% load
dimensions lxbxh
weight (without fuel)
sound power complies with RL 2000/14/EG, 2005/88/EG
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