Emergency power systems with diesel engine - complete packages

  • Complete diesel generator systems

    Automatic emergency power systems protect users and operators of technical systems from the effects of a power failure. The start-stop automatic module DSE 7320 monitors the mains current over three phases, starts the power generator in the event of a power failure and ensures automatic power supply to the connected loads.

    Diesel-powered emergency generators are the right choice if frequent and intensive use of the generator is anticipated. They run on cheap diesel fuel, are built to be particularly robust and offer a long service life.

    Models with 1500 rpm are particularly low-wear and have the longest life and the lowest sound level.

    These models are also recommended for supplying computer, control and telecommunication systems thanks to AVR. Individual models are equipped with an electronic speed control, which ensures the highest frequency stability and ideal control behaviour under impact loads.

    Complete packages with DSE 7320 control module offer 3 potential-free contacts (freely programmable) as standard for passing on status messages and can be easily equipped with optional remote monitoring.

    Plug & play - easiest installation!
Emergency power systems with diesel engine - complete packages
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Emergency power systems with diesel engine - complete packages

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Emergency power systems with diesel engine - complete packages
voltage frequency
maximum power 3~400V
continuous power 3~400V
power 3~400V continuous
maximum power 1~230V
continuous power 1 ~ 230V
Power 1 ~ 230V continuous
engine type
emission level
engine power
tank capacity
consumption at 75% load
Running time per tank filling at 75% load
dimensions lxbxh
weight (without fuel)
sound power complies with RL 2000/14/EG, 2005/88/EG
sound pressure level in 7m
Switching capacity automatic switchover
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