AT 206 automatic start-stop control for generators from 1-44 kVA

  • The heart of emergency power systems

    Emergency power units protect users and operators of technical systems from the consequences of a power failure. They consist of a generator with an electric start system and an AT 206 start-stop automatic controller. For generators with petrol engines, an additional electric choke is required. Diesel-powered generators must have a magneto-stop system. Both systems are either available as options or come as standard, depending on the model.

  • How the AT 206 automatic start-stop system works

    LCD for mains and generator

    The AT 206 automatic control continuously monitors the AC mains. By pressing the softkeys, the current, electrical output, current frequency and voltage of the mains or the generator can be displayed on the LCD. The current voltage of the starter battery and the total operating hours of the generator can also be displayed.

    Automatic monitoring of the mains

    In the event of a power failure or deviation from the set voltage limit, the generator is started automatically and takes over the power supply to the connected loads. When power returns or when the correct mains voltage is reached again, the generator is stopped and the automatic controller returns to mains monitoring.

    Automatic test run

    During regular self-tests, the engine and generator functions are checked. Test run times and intervals are programmable.

    Status monitoring and alarm display

    All the essential systems of the generator are constantly monitored. If an error occurs, an alarm code appears on the automatic control display. Changes to the control parameters and alarm functions to adapt to the specific operating conditions are possible on the password-protected menu level.

    Battery charging

    An integrated trickle charge module keeps the starter battery ready at all times and automatically recharges it when needed.

    Das ist eine Start-Stopp-Automatik
AT 206 automatic start-stop control for generators from 1-44 kVA
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AT 206 automatic start-stop control for generators from 1-44 kVA

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AT 206 automatic start-stop control for generators from 1-44 kVA
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