Screw compressors

Screw compressors


ELMAG screw compressors

ELMAG - MARK screw compressors are among the leading high-performance units for commercial and industrial compressed air supply systems.
A compression method involving virtually no losses by means of contactless rotor screws is the main advantage of using a screw compressor. ELMAG screw compressors also impress with their low energy costs, reliability and a long service life.

An ELMAG screw compressor has many years of development expertise behind it

ELMAG screw compressors have over 25 years of development expertise and expert knowledge behind them. With a screw compressor from ELMAG, you are taking the safe option in terms of both technology and value for money.

Operation of a screw compressor

The screw compressor compresses the air between two rotating screws which are arranged opposite each other. These screws together with the surrounding compressor housing form the screw drive.

Liquid-cooled screw compressors

In a screw compressor with liquid cooling, the compressed air is cooled with a cooling liquid in the compression chamber between the screws. The coolant (usually oil) circulates in a closed circuit between (1) liquid tanks, (2) aftercooler and (3) compressor stage and is mixed with air before compression. The operating temperature of the compressor is therefore maintained at around 80°C regardless of load and pressure.
Immediately after compression, the coolant is first separated from the compressed air in the (1) liquid tank and (4) oil separator. The compressed air then flows through an (5) aftercooler and then to the compressed air tank.

Areas of application

The screw compressor is suitable for interval and continuous operation. It is most economical in continuous operation at high load (up to 100%). With modern technology (e.g. speed control), the energy consumption of the screw compressor can be reduced significantly with low or fluctuating air requirements compared to previous methods.
Liquid-cooled single-stage screw compressors dominate industry today whenever operating pressures up to 13 bar and capacities up to approx. 30 m3/min are required.

Screw compressors in various designs

Whether you need your ELMAG screw compressor with a storage tank, refrigeration dryer and air filter or as a base frame version with a small footprint, ELMAG has the right screw compressor for every application.

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