Sandblasting machines

Sandblasting machines


Sandblasting machines

Modern surface technology is no longer conceivable without grit blasting. No other procedure allows such thorough,

deep cleaning into all the corners in a way that is appropriate to the material.

Ideal for metal, construction work, facade cleaning and restoration.


  • Metal:
    De-rusting, paint-stripping, bright cleaning, deburring, matting, roughening

  • Concrete and facade:
    Cleaning, removing paint/spray damage, repairing cracks, applying decorative materials

  • Natural stone:
    Cleaning, matting, decorating, roughening smooth stair treads

  • Wood and veneer from 0.6 mm:
    Chemical-free removal of varnishes and glazes, artificial ageing

  • Glass and acrylic glass:
    Matting, decorating

  • Leather:

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