Adsorption dryers

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    A compressor absorbs moisture from the intake air, which turns into condensation during compression. This leads to wear and corrosion of the downstream equipment, with potentially costly interruption of production and a reduction in the efficiency and service life of the equipment used. Adsorption dryers provide a solution to prevent these negative effects.

    How adsorption dryers work

    Drying phase

    Damp air from the compressor is passed through the inlet filter, the oil is removed, and it enters the first tower (tower A). The desiccant it contains adsorbs the water vapour molecules. After a fixed or variable time (depending on the saturation of the desiccant), the inlet valve diverts the air flow from tower A to the second tower (tower B) and B becomes the active tower.

    Regeneration phase

    During the drying phase in tower A, some of the dry air is diverted to the top of tower B and extracts the water vapor contained in the desiccant. During this phase, Tower B is open to the atmosphere, allowing the purge air to expand. The silencers on the outlet ensure quiet operation.

    Pressurisation phase

    As soon as the regeneration has been carried out and tower B is again under pressure, the inlet valve changes the air flow again.

    Das ist ein Adsorptionstrockner
Adsorption dryers
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Adsorption dryers

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Adsorption dryers
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