Refrigeration dryers

Refrigeration dryers


MDX series refrigeration dryers

Wherever compressed air is used, prior preparation of the compressed air is recommended.
The condensation is removed from the air by means of a dryer and condensation drain.

Refrigeration dryer products give compressors and pneumatic tools a long service life and servicing costs
remain low.


Technical overview:

  • Max. operating pressure of 13 - 16 bar

MDX - For dry compressed air

A compressor takes away certain moisture and impurities from the
intake air. During the compression process, these particles combine with
the oil in the compressor. All of these contaminants can cause wear and corrosion
in downstream devices, leading to costly production stoppages,
and can therefore reduce the efficiency and life of the equipment.
To avoid these negative factors, dryers have been developed that
ensure air quality, increase efficiency and productivity and extend service life
Extend the life of your equipment and tools.

Clean and dry air:

  • Compressed air is cooled by a refrigerant gas, which condenses the water
    in the air so that it can be removed.

  • Protection of the compressed air system against corrosion, rust and leaks.

  • Higher quality of the final product.

  • Increase in overall productivity.

  • Protection for downstream systems.

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