Pneumatic tools

Pneumatic tools


ELMAG - compressed air tools

Cutting-edge ELMAG compressed air tools are highly ergonomic high-tech products for trade, industry and commerce, but also for private workshops and garages.

ELMAG - compressed air tool in EPS design

The ELMAG compressed air tool range impresses with its technical aesthetics and functional design down to the last detail. Robust lightweight materials with excellent stability provide the perfect design. Their compact, handy form makes them ideal for any task.

ELMAG - compressed air tool: EPS ergonomics

Thanks to their low weight and optimal tool balance, ELMAG compressed air tools are both very easy to handle and extremely user-friendly. Their modern, easy-grip surface structure ensures precise handling in every situation.

EPS compressed air tool technology

Developed under real practical conditions in the technical laboratory, EPS compressed air tools are characterised by outstanding technical perfection.

Tight manufacturing tolerances, self-centring, precision ground air motors and high-precision quality bearings from leading brand manufacturers ensure smoother running, optimised air consumption and maximum product performance.

ELMAG - compressed air tools: EPS - safety

Compressed air tools are the safest power tools. They generally offer much higher safety than electric power tools and are also more ergonomic. Without an electric motor, a more manageable and user-friendly design is possible and the added advantage is that there is no risk of electric shock or explosion. Compressed air tools are also safe to use in wet environments.

Even if they jam, e.g. a compressed air drill, there is no risk of injury. The return torque only affects one-sixth of the handle, while it increases several times over in the case of an electric drill.

EPS compressed air tools are CE-compliant. They are equipped with safety switches and, where necessary, protective covers.
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